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Capella RM Models

Serious sea kayaks: Serious plastic boats. The Capella RM 160 & 166

Caleppa RM 166
The design might be a classic British sea kayak, but the construction could not be more contemporary. Unlike most kayaks in its class, the Capella RM is manufactured using a Triple Layer Process, affording it superior buoyancy, strength and rigidity compared to single layer polyethylene models.

The Capella RM is a superb all-round sea kayak, suitable for all kinds of paddling, from relaxed expeditions of larger rivers, lakes and coastal areas, to open crossings and multi day trips in challenging conditions. The combination of performance, durability and versatility has already made the RM the choice of many instructors and centers around the world.

The RM is available in two flavors: the 160 and the larger 166:

Capella RM 160 and 166 SPECS —

The Capella RM 160
Length: 16' 4"
Width: 22"
Weight: 50lbs
Paddler weight: 110-230 lbs

The Capella RM 166
Length: 16' 7"
Width: 22"
Weight: 54lbs
Paddler weight: 145-265 lbs

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What People Are Saying About the RM Capellas

Capella RM
Nothing beats getting in a boat, seeing how it fits, and paddling it for yourself. But sometimes we can learn a lot from the experiences of others too: what to expect; what to look for; and how a paddler with different skills has felt about a boat that interests us. We've looked for some useful reviews to help you gather your own thoughts about the Capella RM kayaks:

Capella RM reviews from where anyone can post a review: these are first hand impressions from folks who have bought or tried-out the boat.

               “One of the best, if not the best, plastic boats
                I have ever paddled and owned. From the room
                to the tracking to the speed.... ”

               “The Capella 166 is an excellent boat for
                day trips, but it can really shine on multi-day
                trips. This boat is at home in rough water
                and has good secondary stability. ”
   — Seth Dent

Capella RM 166 review by Seth Dent of Sea Kayak St. Mary's – and enthusiastic paddler developing a blog with kayak and gear reviews, paddling reports and more.

               “This boat would be a great choice for the
                medium to large-sized paddler looking for
                a stable but agile expedition boat ”
   — Lars Bland

Another Capella RM 166 review from Lars Bland, a staff paddler at