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The P&H Cetus HV Sea Kayak – Available in Charleston!

The Cetus HV

PandH Cetus HV

The Cetus is a fast cruiser designed as a load carrier. It has become the natural choice for paddlers looking for a stable expedition platform or a fast, easy to paddle boat for long distance paddles. However it's not just a boat for long trips, it's equally capable being used as a fast day cruiser. The Cetus was among the first production boats to see a resurrection of a concept we were playing around with ten years ago: the fourth hatch in easy reach in front of your cockpit. It's proving more and more popular with paddlers who want somewhere quick and easy to reach to stow a camera or day gear when things are getting a bit rougher.

The "high volume" Cetus HV joins the well received Cetus MV and Cetus LV, completing a line-up suitable for almost any size paddler. The original Cetus was well-liked, but P&H designers felt they'd learned a few things developing the low- and mid-volume models, and so, with the HV the full-sized Cetus gets a few refinements. Larger paddlers will find that the Cetus HV has tremendous glide, offers rock-steady stability and yet maneuvers with grace when edged. The Cetus HV is the kayak many of you have been waiting for!
PandH Cetus HV

The P&H Cetus HV — Specs.

    Length: 17'10''
    Max. Width: 22.5''
    Max Deck Height: 12.5"
    Volume: 100 gal.
    Cockpit: 31''x16.75''
    Weight: 62lbs (Composite Fiberglass)
               57 lbs. (Kevlar Carbon)
               54.6 lbs. (Lightweight Kevlar Carbon)    clear hull option reduces weight approx. 2 lbs.
    Optimum Total Load (approx.): 143-290 lbs

    NOW at Sea Kayak Carolina!

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    Key Features —

  • Expedition capable - The load carrier of choice, the Cetus lets you travel self-supported in comfort with the four hatches it has plenty of storage for equipment.

  • Effortless distance - The length and 'shallow V-hull' add up to a fast, efficient boat that won't take any time at all to reach the horizon.

  • Easy to paddle - The fairly wide hull means rock solid stability whether you're traveling loaded or not.


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