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The P&H Cetus MV Sea Kayak – In Charleston
Available Now — In Stock and for Order!

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The Mid-Volume CETUS MV: Fast paced, responsive, easy to carve and turn, this is the middle ground for those who want a bit of extra volume but are too light for the larger HV Cetus. A secure kayak fit for new paddlers and dynamic enough for experts to launch their adventures, the Cetus MV has superb stability in all conditions and this kayak's ability to inspire confidence is remarkable — and truly unrivalled by any other sea kayak out there.

PandH Cetus MV

THE P&H CETUS MV: Even with just an inch shaved off the length, and another cut out of the deck height, this really is a tighter fit than the standard Cetus.
Mid-sized paddlers will appreciate a fully-expedition capable kayak designed with their stature in mind, and this kayak delivers. And P&H's handcrafted quality is on show here in its finest form. The Cetus MV has all the load carrying capabilities common to the Cetus line-up — with two main hatches plus a day hatch and innovative deck pod there is plenty of room for all your kit for an overnight stay or longer.

               “My first reaction sitting in the cockpit of this Cetus MV
                 was that it felt like a tailored fit...This superb fit kept
                asserting itself throughout the time on the water...Other
                words like crisp, quick, sporty, efficient, reactive and
                smooth...kept bubbling up.”

Great reactions to the Cetus MV from Marshal Seddon at

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Interested in the Cetus MV? Call us at 843-225-7969 for details on what PandH Cetus MVs are available, to order your custom colors or make arrangements for a personal test paddle!

P&H says: If you are a smaller or lighter paddler then you really require a sea kayak that has been designed with your stature in mind. With the Cetus LV we began hand-shaping a body that would ensure you have the same experience with full control of the boat out there on the water as everybody else.
     The Cetus LV is a sleek and elegant performer that really utilizes the available space to balance the volume creating a highly maneuverable and versatile British sea kayak.

The Mid Volume Cetus by P&H

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P&H Cetus LMV
Length: 17’9”
Max. Width: 21.1"
Max Deck Height: 13" (front coaming)
Volume: 87.7 gal.
Cockpit: 31.5" x 16.75"
Weight: Diolen: 61.2lbs
           Kevlar Carbon: 54.7lbs
           Lightweight Kevlar Carbon: 51.3 lb

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What People Are Saying About the P & H Cetus MV

P&H Cetus Sea Kayak Nothing beats paddling the boat yourself, but sometimes it is also helpful to know what others are saying. Follow the links below (links will open in a new window or tab) to read what those who have paddled the Cetus MV have to say:

The River Connection's Marshal Seddon, as we mentioned above, wrote up his impressions of the Cetus MV on his site:
  ›› Hudson River Paddler: P&H Cetus MV

             “I'm thoroughly pleased with the
              way the Cetus MV has come together...
              it is an expedition kayak that with just
              a touch of technique can be used as a
              maneuverable day/play boat.”
   — Marshall Seddon

“I picked up my Cetus MV in Charleston, SC at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival. As it was being unwrapped all I could think of was Christmas in April! The quality of the boat is impeccable...Anyone looking for the do everything boat that is not a compromise doing everything should look no further than the P&H Cetus MV...
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View a YouTube video clip of the P&H Cetus MV Dancing on a Wave!: