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The P&H Cetus LV Sea Kayak – In Charleston
Available Now — In Stock and for Custom Order!

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The CETUS LV: If you had a chance to visit Sea Kayak Carolina at the 2009 East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival then you may have been among the very first in the Americas to paddle the new low volume Cetus LV – everything paddlers have raved about in the Cetus in a low volume, lighter and more playful execution.

The Cetus LV has become a favorite among Sea Kayak Carolina staff and the lowcountry paddlers who have purchased one for themselves – come see what all the fuss is about!

               “ hit it out of the park! What a wonderfully crisp
               performing blend of responsiveness and speed. Really
               quite the sports car feel. Gotta get me one of these!”

                                               — Marshal Seddon,

PandH Cetus LV

THE CETUS LV: With four inches shaved off the length, and two cut out of the deck height, this really is a lower volume ride than the standard Cetus.
Smaller paddlers need a boat that has been designed with their stature in mind, and this kayak delivers. The Cetus LV is a sleek, elegant performer that exhibits a fast, nimble feel on the water. The design utilizes the available space to balance the volume and create a versatile sea kayak that responds immediately to input from smaller and lighter paddlers.

               “Cetus LV was a home run... the production version is
                even nicer than the proto – and fit is similar as well...
                 super impressed... love this boat... ”

We were pleased to see Seth Dent at the 2009 East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival. We ran across Seth online when he posted his review of the Scorpio last year, and we welcomed his recent comments on the Cetus LV.

And renowned paddler Karen Knight says —

               “I love the boat. I think it is my favorite kayak thus far.
                I have been in it over 10 full days in various conditions.
                It has good speed and tracking ability. I found it to be
                playful and maneuverable, but at the same time stable
                and predictable when edging. It fits me (that's a rarity)
                and I like the features (i.e. storage/day hatch)...”

Interested in the Cetus LV — Call us at 843-352-2267 for more details on what Cetus LVs are available, or to order your custom colors!

P&H says: If you are a smaller or lighter paddler then you really require a sea kayak that has been designed with your stature in mind. With the Cetus LV we began hand-shaping a body that would ensure you have the same experience with full control of the boat out there on the water as everybody else.
     The Cetus LV is a sleek and elegant performer that really utilizes the available space to balance the volume creating a highly maneuverable and versatile British sea kayak.
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The Low Volume Cetus by P&H

P&H Cetus LV

We've done the searching for you. Scroll down for links to more paddlers' impressions and in-depth reviews —
     ›› Check out What People Are Saying About the Cetus LV

Length: 17’5”
Max. Width: 21.25"
Max Deck Height: 12" (front coaming)
Volume: 77 gal.
Cockpit: 31" x 16.5"
Weight: ~49lbs
Material: Carbon/Kevlar
Optimum Total Load (approx.): 120-200 lbs

Learn more —
     ›› visit the official P&H Cetus LV page

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What People Are Saying About the P & H Cetus LV

P&H Cetus Sea Kayak Nothing beats paddling the boat yourself, but sometimes it is also helpful to know what others are saying. Follow the links below (links will open in a new window or tab) to read what those who have paddled the Cetus LV have to say:

Seth Dent was at the ECCKF, as we mentioned above, and wrote up his impressions of the Cetus LV on his personal site:
  ›› Lightning Review: P&H Cetus LV

               “I think the Cetus LV is really for
                smaller paddlers who want a decent
                fit, rather than for big paddlers
                wanting more maneuverability.”
   — D. Wilcox

Douglas Wilcox posts his considerable impressions of the Cetus, and notes that the Cetus LV isn't a "Cetus-lite" for larger paddlers wanting more maneuverability, but a boat truly designed for the smaller paddler:
  ›› Cetus and Cetus LV at the Scottish Kayak Symposium

Shop friend Bryan Smith (of Eastern Horizons fame) was also at the 2009 ECCKF, but he had more exposure to the Cetus LV than those who were seeing it at the Festival for the first time: His comments sum-up why we're so pleased to offer this new boat:

"...the Cetus LV from P&H was turning plenty of heads. I was excited to finally see it live in the flesh. I worked closely with Graham over the past year on the design of this boat. From the cockpit to the hull design, this boat is one of the sweetest kayaks to enter the market in quite some time. Finally a low volume expedition boat that is more than just a "smaller version" of a bigger boat. While this boat takes on many design qualities of its bigger brother the Cetus, it is obvious hours of work have gone into making this boat the perfect tool for the smaller paddler. Instantly when you sit in this boat you notice the attention to fit and an ultra low back deck. Then you look down the bow and it just screams fast. It has quite a bit more bow rocker profile and is quite a bit narrower. A 17′ 8" boat that fits small people like a glove and is ultra maneuverable. I think there are going to be some happy people this year."