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The P&H RM Delphin 150 & 155 Sea Kayak – In Charleston
The 150 has Arrived — Smaller, Lighter, More Playful & Available Now!

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A true ocean play boat, this is the rugged, roto-moulded version of the newly designed P&H Aries. The Delphin shares its sister ship's excellent performance in high-energy environments including surf, tide races, and rock gardens. The full bow and stern, and ample rocker, reduce plunging and increase responsiveness. A pronounced mid-section makes for predictable edge-turning and side-surfing. The built-in skeg gives firmer tracking in smoother seas on the way to or from the play zones.

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PandH Delphin

Introduced by P&H in 2010 the Delphin 155 turns traditional sea kayak design on its head, and in 2011 the Delphin 150 brought that innovation to smaller paddlers. The Delphins challenge many preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. The cockpit has been move backwards and the stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water, but when paddling the stern engages and aids tracking. This is a shorter, lighter and more playful design for P&H — The Delphin is designed to carve, change direction and generally rip-up the wave, while still having the poise and presence to serve as an excellent light touring boat.

PandH Delphin

               “ This combination is unique to the Delphin and creates
                a kayak that paddles like a traditional sea kayak on flat
               water with enough speed to keep up with the pack,  but
               transforms into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when
               it hits moving water, coming alive in tide races, over falls
               and surging water.”
     —P&H Design Notes

Sea Kayak Carolina has the Delphin in-stock NOW —

PandH Delphin

Download this great article about the P&H Delphin/Aries from Coach Kelly Blades

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The P&H RM Delphin 155 Specs.

    RM Delphin 155Length: 15’5”
    Max. Width: 22.5"
    Max Deck Height: 13"
    Volume: 76 gal.
    Cockpit: 32"x16.6"
    Weight: 46lbs
    Material: 3-ply RM Plastic
    Optimum Total Load (approx.): 143-275 lbs

    Available at Sea Kayak Carolina

    Learn more —
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    PandH Delphin

  • Rocker - Creates super maneuverability when surfing and prevents purling

  • Quick Resurfacing Bow - Splits and sheds water preventing nose burying on steep waves and helps punch through waves on way through surf

  • Hard Chines - Directs water onto planing surface and bow, allowing for a super-fast pick up on a wave

  • Planing surface and smooth chines - Forgiving for beginners and when surfing

  • Flat Midsection Hull - The most maneuverable sea kayak on the market, spins like a white water kayak to get you out of those sticky situations like crossing fast flowing races

  • Width around cockpit - Stable for beginners

  • Stern - Squared off to increase water length, speed and tracking

  • Rear weighting - Creates a long water line when paddling on flat water for speed and tracking

  • Large rear and fore hatch - Lots of day tripping storage

  • Low back deck and cockpit - Easy to roll when the wave wins

  • Deck Pod - access your essentials on the move

  • Skeg - aids tracking capabilities in cross winds

  • Rudder ready - beginners will love the rudder, easy to control and confidence inspiring

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First Impressions of the P&H Delphin

Sean Morley has done some great kayaking — check out the This is the Sea 2 DVD for proof. What did he think when he had a chance to paddle the Delphin in big surf?

The verdict? To borrow a phrase from a British advertising slogan – “It does what it says on the tin.” It is THE perfect sea kayak playboat. I don’t think I have had so much fun in a sea kayak since the filming of ‘This is the Sea 2.′ Which begs the question, is it better than the Valley Avocet? It was always going to be a hard act to follow, but the answer is a totally biased YES. I think the Delphin totally rocks.

– – – – –

Following are some notes from P&H's Brian Day's paddle of the new boat when he visited Sea Kayak Carolina with the "almost production" Delphin 155. Brian reports that this boat was taken from the production forms, and only differed in some of the fit and finish elements.

PandH Delphin
By now everybody has had a chance to see the images that have been circulating about the Delphin. Heavily rockered. Buoyant bow. Chopped stern. The bow has a distinct peak to it that will shed water and resurface predictably. There are two sharp chines below the bow to help bring the boat up onto plane in the surf. Hull is VERY flat under-seat with a rounded edge. Behind the seat a soft chine reappears and carries on to the stern ending at the tip of the keel line, rather than “ghosting” up toward the sheer. Sitting in the boat the bow has very nice lines and the same “looks smaller than it is” impression that the Cetus gives.

This is the Delphin 155. And the outfitting in the boat is pre-production. It is safe to assume that things will change slightly in the final boats. That said, the fit is comfortable for me (6’1” 185 lbs.). It should easily accommodate paddlers over 200 pounds. Plenty of room for bigger guys without being too loose for somebody my size. The Delphin 150 will be great for shorter or lighter folks.
Back deck is low enough to allow for layback rolls. Footroom is just fine for my big dogs. Backband is Connect 30 whitewater style with ratchets at the thigh braces. Footrests are standard P&H.

First Paddle
Got the boat out at Folly Beach. Unfortunately the surf was minimal. One-footers. Enough to catch a few gentle rides but not enough to really go to work. BUT—here are some observations:

We had hoped that the Delphin would be stable enough to use as a beginners boat. It is. VERY stable. I went from the Scorpio LV into the Delphin. The Delphin is noticeably more stable than the Scorpio LV. I suspect that it is also slightly more stable than the full sized Scorpio. No problem for beginners or big guys.

Very easy to edge despite the huge primary stability. Responds to weight shifts in the seat. Holds on edge without hanging a knee. Just what we would expect from the current generation of P&H hulls.

Remarkable. This is easily the most maneuverable sea kayak I have ever been in. Edge the boat, look where you want to go, and the Delphin with rip through 180 degrees effortlessly. No problem to charge out toward a set, bang the boat on edge and turn completely around in time to catch the wave. And it seems to track pretty darn well, too.

The waves were pretty near nonexistent. But there were a few rides to be had. The Delphin comes up to speed well. Catches small wind waves effortlessly. Can be maneuvered on the wave once you have started surfing. Scott at Sea Kayak Carolina was so impressed with the ease of surfing that he plans to buy a half dozen Delphins specifically to teach beginners how to surf sea kayaks.

Easy to roll. Pops right up onto the hull. Hand rolls are not a problem. The paddler can lay back to finish if desired.

That’s all for now – more details once I have a little more time in the boat.

PandH Delphin
            Smile, William! SKC Shop Staff Have Enjoyed the Delphin

CCPRC's Josh Hall on the Delphin —
   I wanted to pass on my thanks to all of you for letting me test the NEW P&H Delphin. Although the conditions were minimal I thought the boat was quite unique. P&H certainly has done something very creative and specific for a long boat sea kayak.
    It behaves and responds more like an IC Surf Kayak than a traditional touring boat that just surfs well. The stability (secondary and primary) lends itself well to the beginner paddler who is learning to surf a sea kayak for the first time. For the more experienced and aggressive paddler, the ease in which the boat responds to edge changes was impressive.
    What I found most remarkable was how it surfed in reverse. I discovered that I had the excellent control with simple rudder strokes regardless of whether I was facing down the wave or riding in reverse. P&H most definitely has something special with this boat. If the opportunity arises I would love to test it out in more advanced conditions. Best to all, and thanks again for the invitation – always great to get on the water with the SKC and P&H crowd.  

Thanks –
Joshua P. Hall