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  THINK KAYAKS — Surfskis

Think Kayak Surfskis:
        For competitors
   Think Uno Max  |  Think Ion  |  Think Evo II
        And Enthusiasts!   Think Eze  |  Think Ace

SurfSkis from Think Kayaks

Think Kayak logoAt Think Kayak they are all about providing you to a boat that inspires fun and confidence, and allows you to paddle your best all the time. Like you, like us, they are paddlers first. Whether you are catching your first wave, or winning a World Championship, it’s their goal to create surfskis which give you the best experience each time you hit the water.

Paddler with Think Surfski

Whether you’re chasing the sunset off the coast of your favourite Lowcountry beach, or the finish-line at a World Championship race in Tahiti, there’s a Think boat waiting for you. Every Think boat was custom created to make sure your next paddle is the best one yet.

The Think Uno Max

Simply put, there is no boat more capable of winning a race on any given day — no matter what conditions are presented — In competitions around the globe, the Uno Max has won out as the world’s fastest surfski! Winners of the Euro Challenge, Byron Bay Ocean Paddle, the Dubai Shamaal, the Mayor’s Cup, Cape Point Challenge, the US Surfski Champs, the Australian Ocean Racing Series, and the 2013 ICF World Championships were paddling the Uno Max.

Uno Max top
Uno Max side

The Uno Max features all of the Think standards: Dedicated leash attachment point, pluggable footwell bailer, Q-Powerline Spectra rudder line, 304 stainless hardware, security handles, and 4" inspection port. Rudder options include the 5" Flatwater, 7" All-Around (Standard), 9" surf (Standard) and 10" Surf Extreme. And like all Think kayaks the Uno Max is available in multiple builds to match your weight, durability and pricing requirements.

Length: 21' 2" (645 cm)
Width: 17" (43 cm)
Capacity 140 - 230 pounds (65 - 105 kg)

Uno Max: Sean Rice Mauritius Ocean Classic 2014 DOWNWIND via YouTube

Think Uno Max Winter Harbor Runs from Eliteoceansports on Vimeo

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Think Kayak Ion

A ski suited to competition, the Ion’s high-rocker is designed to provide a remarkably smooth upwind ride and razor sharp downwind performance. A little bit of extra width gives the Ion ample secondary stability, critical when you need to apply full power for full speed ahead!

At 21’1” x 17.5” the Think Ion clearly belongs in the advanced boat camp, but the Ion puts a new spin on things. Chief in the design criteria were speed, stability, and big water performance, all perfectly integrated in a podium-worthy craft.

Think Ion top
Think Ion side

The Ion's width allows just enough room to fit the very comfortable, ergonomically correct, top-of the-line Evo II bucket, essential in getting the most out of you! If you’re looking for a race-winning ski, and love those windy days best, the Ion is the right stuff for you!

Length: 21' 1" (642 cm)
Width: 17.5" (44.5 cm)
Capacity 155 - 255 pounds (70 - 115 kg)

Like all Think kayaks the Ion is available in multiple builds to match your weight, durability and pricing requirements.

Sean Rice Ion test from Dion Maxwell on Vimeo

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Think Kayak Evo II

The Think Evo II offers what may well be the ultimate balance of speed and comfort. At 20' 6" in length, with fine entry and exit lines, and 18.5" of width, the Evo II provides all the speed you need to be in the thick of the competition. Glide is excellent, and when the swell is up, linking runs has rarely been so much fun!

Think Evo II top
Think Evo II side

Length: 20' 6" (625 cm)
Width: 18.5" (47 cm)
Capacity: 130-240 pounds (60 - 110 kg)

Think Kayak maintains the most important aspect of any boat is to allow paddlers to paddle their best. In other words, to be the best engine they can be. That means providing a level of stability that creates a platform for power, even when conditions get rough. In this regard the Evo II stands clearly apart from its competitors, offering an unsurpassed level of stability for a boat this quick.

The Evo II has an amazingly comfortable seat and foot well for all day comfort during long training sessions or races. The foot board has a micro adjust system, so getting the perfect fit is easy. Every detail is well thought out, with a separate reinforced leash attachment point when heading out on big days. Hardware is 304 grade stainless for long term durability, and rudder lines use 600 pound test Q-PowerLine Spectra. And like all Think kayaks the Evo II is available in multiple builds to match your weight, durability and pricing requirements.

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Think Kayak Eze

The Think Eze aims to be the ideal ski for a lot of people. It’s fast, fun, and sporty, with the soul of a racer, yet it’s 17' x 20" dimensions make it maneuverable, stable, and forgiving. The Eze’s hull shape creates a strong platform for new paddlers to develop their technique with confidence. With so much performance and comfort, it may be the last ski many enthusiasts ever buy!

The ergonomics are excellent, and seat comfort outstanding. Experienced paddlers will love the quickness and maneuverability of the Eze, and be blown away by how easy and fun it is to surf. A boat that puts a smile on every face!

Think Eze top
Think Eze side

Length: 17' (518cm)
Width: 20" (51cm)
Capacity 100-190 pounds (45 - 85 kg)

As with all Think kayaks the Eze is available in multiple builds to help meet your weight, durability and pricing requirements.

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Think Kayak Ace

At Think Kayak they believe everyone should be able to enjoy the thrill of a great surf ski. This time they've super-sized it with the Ace. If three words could sum up this new craft it’s stable, fast, and fun!

At 22" wide the Ace is Think's most stable ski, but her sleek “swede” form means the Ace has the speed of a performance ski. The 17' 8" length is highly maneuverable, great for exploring along the coast line, or linking waves when you find the wind at your back. The gunwale is low beside the seat, making remounts a snap should the need arise, and the integrated carry handle makes off the water handling a breeze.

For big, fast fun on the water, the Ace is for you!

Think Ace
Think Ace

Length: 17' 8" (538cm)
Width: 22" (56cm)
Capacity 130-240 pounds (60 - 110 kg)

Like every Think kayak the Ace is available in multiple builds to match your specific weight, durability and pricing requirements.

From an Owner Review via Mountainpaddler
Have now been paddling the Ace for over a year. This boat has continued to surprise every time I take it out... he boat is slightly shorter than the V8...I was afraid I would be slower..the same width and I was on a glass performance layup that weighed more. So with some reservation I raced it, fully expecting a slower time. Quite the contrary happened. I set a personal best; just finishing the 7 mile course in just a hair under 7 mph. This was astoundingly faster than my previous times.
Read the complete review.

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