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When champion kayakers decide to start their own company, you can bet they are going to bring something special into the mix; that's exactly what has happened with Epic Kayaks: Founded in 1995, Epic was quickly recognized for their innovative designs and high quality manufacturing.

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After enjoying the benefits of lightweight, well designed racing equipment, it was a shock to Epic founders Greg Barton (2x Olympic Gold Medalist) and Oscar Chalupsky (11x World Molokai Champion) the first time they paddled with heavy, unrefined touring kayaks and paddles. They thought, “Why can’t modern technology be used to build better touring equipment?” They've paddled the equivalent of 6 times around the world with 70 years combined experience in all water conditions. Their passion for paddling and knowledge of high performance racing technology is contained in every Epic designed kayak and paddle. Their boats are optimized for ease of handling, efficiency in the water and to be extremely lightweight. Whether you’re a beginning recreational paddler or a highly competitive racer, Epic equipment will improve your paddling experience.
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The Epic GPX – Performance Layup

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The Epic GPX combines a generous blend of stability, extraordinary light weight and optimal tracking that appeals to water explorers. Weighing just 31 lbs. in the Performance layup the Epic GPX is easy carry to and from the water.
The Epic GPX Sea Kayak The GPX is a great choice for anyone wanting to spend a comfortable day paddling a responsive and highly manageable kayak. Upgrades introduced in 2007 over the GP Classic include three extra inches of length, a bigger cockpit and a contoured deck at the paddle entry position to allow a closer, more efficient stroke.

Length: 12' 11" (3.94 m)
Width: 25" (63.5 cm)
Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg)

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The Epic 16X – Performance Layup

The Epic 16X offers a unique mix of stability, maneuverability and speed that paddlers of all ability levels will appreciate. The lightweight, sporty performance kayak weighs in at only 40 lbs. for the Performance construction. New features upgraded over the previous 16 Cruiser include the advanced Epic Track Master steering system, a longer waterline, an adjustable seat, a longer and wider cockpit and contoured deck cutaways that allow a closer, more efficient stroke. Ample storage makes the 16X an excellent choice for either extended overnight excursions or a day’s paddle.
The Epic 16X Sea Kayak
Length: 16'0 (4.87 m)
Width: 23" (58.5 cm)
Weight: 40 lbs (18.2 kg)

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The Epic 18X – Performance Layup

The Epic 18X is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers and for those searching for a distinct edge in a high performance kayak. With a long waterline and a sleek, efficient shape, the Epic 18X allows paddlers to cover longer distances and do so with exceptional ease and speed. It features our Epic Track Master steering system and a large storage capacity for transporting camping gear on longer paddling trips or supplies for a day outing. New upgrades over the older Endurance model include a longer and narrower waterline, longer and wider cockpit, contoured deck cutaways for closer stroke, an adjustable seat and our new Track Master steering system.

The Epic 18X Sea Kayak
Length: 18' (5.48 m)
Width: 22" (55.9 cm)
Weight: 41 lbs (18.6 kg)

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The Epic V10 Surf Ski

Designed from the ground up by Oscar Chalupsky, Greg Barton and computer whiz John Dixon, the Epic V10 is incredibly fast and agile while maintaining comfortable stability. While we met our goal of designing a boat that is faster than the competition on flat water, the Epic V10 really shines in downwind and upwind heavy sea conditions. A fully adjustable footbrace combines with a high capacity venturi drain to keep water out. The single footwell and front deck cutaway allows for a closer, more powerful stroke.

The adjustable footbrace with self adjusting pedals will accommodate paddlers from 5'3" to 6'7" in height. Smaller paddlers will be better served Epic's available V10L.

The Epic V10 Sea Kayak
Length: 21'4 (6.5 m)
Width: 17-1/8" (43.5 cm)
Weight: Value 37 lbs (17 kg)

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