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P&H Kayaks:    The Capellas: 161  |  163  |  167  |   173  |  RM 160  |  RM 166  |  Cetus HV
Cetus MV  |  Cetus LV  |  Scorpio  |  Scorpio LV  |  The Aries  |  The Delphin 150 & 155

The P&H Line-Up

Sea Kayak Carolina is excited to be the first in the U.S. to put the new Cetus HV and the all new Aries 155 on the water at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival in April.

We carry a complete line of sea kayaks from P&H, including the Capella series – available in a range of sizes and materials – the high-performance Delphin playboat, and the Scorpio and Scorpio LV in composite plastic.

Take a look at the P&H boats currently in stock at Sea Kayak Carolina in this up-to-date Google.doc
Capella 161
Capella 161
The smallest Capella, suitable for smaller, lighter paddlers and those looking for a playful performance kayak.
     ›› more about the Capella 161
Capella 163
Capella 163
The 163 is slightly larger than the 161, suitable for the small to medium sized paddler.
     ›› more about the Capella 163
Capella 167
Capella 167
With a roomier cockpit than the 163, the Capella 167 offers all around performance for paddlers up to 265 lbs.
     ›› more about the Capella 167
Capella 173
Capella 173
The largest boat in the Capella line features a more open cockpit design and will fit larger paddlers well.
     ›› more about the Capella 173
Capella 160RM
Capella 160 RM
Versatile, affordable performance for paddlers 110-230lbs: Composite plastic technology and classic British lines.
     ›› more about the Capella 160 RM
Capella 166RM
Capella 166 RM
The same affordable, hi-end performance as the 160, in a larger design for paddlers 145-260 lbs.
     ›› more about the Capella 166 RM
The Delphin
Aries 155
Composite cousin to the acclaimed Delphin, the Aries' hard chines and generous front rocker make for an elegant, playful paddle...
     ›› more about the ARIES
The Delphin
Delphin 155
This is a shorter, more playful P&H kayak designed to carve, turn and generally rip-up the water...
     ›› more about the DelphiN 155
The Delphin
Delphin 150
Paddlers come in all sizes — the Delphin 150 has a slightly lower deck and tighter cockpit, perfect for small to mid-sized paddlers.
     ›› more about the DelphiN 150
Cetus HV
Cetus HV
The newly refined high-volume Cetus incorporates everything P&H learned developing the MV and LV and applies it to the full-sized boat.
     ›› more about the Cetus HV
Cetus MV
Cetus MV
The highly anticipated Cetus MV (mid volume) is an agile, fast boat that preserves expedition-ready volume and handling.
     ›› more about the Cetus MV
Cetus LV
Cetus LV
The acclaimed Cetus LV (low volume) is a sleek, elegant performer that has a quick, agile feel for smaller paddlers.
     ›› more about the Cetus LV
A performance sea kayak in plastic. An efficient rockerd hull design makes the Scorpio a nimble all-around boat.
     ›› more about the Scorpio
Capella 163
Scorpio LV
The Scorpio LV — a serious sea kayak that just happens to be plastic. Suitable for the small to medium sized paddler.
     ›› more about the Scorpio LV

P&H Sea Kayaks In Charleston Now!

As "The specialists in British Custom sea kayak manufacture and design," P&H have a long pedigree for fine designs and outstanding craftsmanship.

Romany LV top

All built in harmony with modern materials, technology and P&H quality the classic Greenland lines defiantly stand out from the crowd. Give us a call at (843) 352-2267 if you would like to schedule a test paddle or if you would like to make an appointment to see any boats.

P&H Sea Kayaks – Capellas, The Cetus, The Scorpio, The Delphin:

Follow the links for details — on the full range of Capella models; on the Scorpio and Delphin in plastic; and on the complete line-up of Cetus models.

Capella 173

The Capella Line: 161  |  163  |  167  |  173  |  160 & 166 RM

The Cetus HV, Cetus MV & & Cetus LV

Scorpio kayak
The Scorpio & Scorpio LV

PandH Delphin kayak
The Delphin 155 & 150

For more information about P&H kayaks, visit and don't miss the interesting reading at their sponsored paddlers' blog:

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