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Venture Kayaks: a better boat to paddle.

Venture Kayaks logo We carry Venture's newset light touring boats, the Islay and the Flex, and the established line of Easky kayaks. These are perfect, affordable, performance kayaks for those who enjoy relaxing paddles on placid rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Give us a call at (843) 352-2267 if you would like to schedule a test paddle or if you would like to make an appointment to see any boats.


Venture Kayaks:   NEW for 2013 Ė Islay + Islay LV

The Flex 11  |  Easky 13  |  Easky 15  |  Easky 15 LV  |  Easky 17

What people are saying about Easky Kayaks:

               “excellent stability (carrying my photo gear),
                 very good speed and can easily hang with
                 experienced paddlers in more expensive/
                 narrow yaks ”

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See How a Venture Kayak is Built

NEW for 2013: The Islay and Islay LV — 14-foot performance touring kayaks

THE ISLAY: The Venture Islay is the next wave of small touring kayaks. Taking design cues from P&H's ground-breaking Delphin, the Islay sets a new standard for the category, offering strong tracking and stability for beginners and a lively character whne more advanced paddlers give her some edge..

The Islay features a long waterline for speed and tracking and an asymmetric hull that is nimble on edge. Solid stability gives beginning paddlers plenty of confidence and a roomy cockpit makes for comfortable all-day seating.
  Islay kayak
Standard Features
  • Semi flat mid hull with a slight V:
    Gives stability, manoeuvrability and great tracking.

  • Full volume bow:
    Helps lift over waves and give you a drier ride.

  • Volume in bow and stern:
    Carry all your gear with ease on calmer water.

  • Rear weighting & squared off stern:
    Long water line allows you to keep speed up across the bay.

  • Ergonomic cockpit position:
    So you can paddle all day in comfort.

  • Removable pod, 2 large hatches and paddle park:
    Store all your gear for longer trips.

  • Deck elastics:
    Store map and spare paddles for easy access.

  • Fishing rod holder flats:
    For optional fishing rod holders.

  • Security bar & Paddle recess behind the cockpit

  • Rudder Ready
    Optional rudder can be attached.

Dimensions: 14' x 23.75''
Weight: 40 lbs

- - - - -

— Dimensions: 13' 9'' x 22.5''
Islay LV
The Islay LV opens up coastal adventure and inland touring potential to a smaller, lighter paddler, giving them the opportunity to enjoy nimble manoeuvring, stable hull and straight tracking performance on calm or more exposed waters. P&H heritage and Delphin like design features have really put it at the top of its class. Venture Islay & Islay LV are fitted with performance outfitting featuring a floating backrest to give a greater level of support.

Every Venture Kayak includes recycled material sourced from our scrap produced in our factory and from second hand kayaks, this allows us to effectively close the loop on our manufacturing process and helps to make us one of the greenest kayak manufacturers in the industry.

Canoe&Kayak Review the Islay:

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Easky 13 by Venture

Venture designers really thought back to when they first took to the water when designing the Easky 13. They thought about what would help first time paddlers feel safe and allow them to gain the confidence to continue paddling. This may be the quintessential Lowcountry creek boat.

Whether day tripping on a river, exploring the coast or just enjoying a day at the beach, the Easky 13 makes it simple, safe and enjoyable. Venture has enhanced its standard features for 2008 which vastly improve the overall performance, function and comfort of the kayak.

›› What Easky 13 owners are saying

      Easky 13
Standard Features
  • A unique, patented flip-top backrest
     (extremely comfortable and easy to use)
  • Fully adjustable footrest system.
  • Paddle park
  • Two spacious hatches
  • Bow deck elastics, full deck lines featuring updated RDFs
  • A stable and high performance hull design
  • Foam Bulkhead
     (saves weight and adds buoyancy)

Dimensions: 13' 7"x 26.5"
Weight: 46 lbs

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Easky 15 and 15 LV by Venture

The Easky 15 is a boat to grow with you.
On a river trip or a sheltered lake journey you'll have no problems, there is also the capacity to carry some extra kit and make a weekend of it.

The sleek and sporty touring boat lines mean it's perfect for getting to grips with open water. Bay crossings and estuaries are no trouble in the Easky 15, and what could beat watching the sun set over an open sea?

›› British kayak shop review of the Easy 15

The Easky 15 is a lot of boat in a smaller package:
Designed with both female and lighter paddlers in mind, you will find both a comfy, fit and a high performance kayak in the Easky 15 LV (Low Volume). The LV is both narrower and lower-in-rise than the regular 15. Even beginners will quickly take to paddling open crossings, marshes and flowing river waters with ease thanks to it's sleek and sporty lines and easy, predictable handling.

Both the Easky 15 &15 LV give you plenty of options:
  • If the breeze picks up and brings waves, or theres a small swell
     pushing through, the sleek nose will cut through the waves while
     the boat stays rock-solid stable .
  • If the weather turns cooler, all you need to do is grab some warmer
     clothes from under your deck elastic and carry on.
  • If the water is mirror flat, you'll appreciate just how far you can paddle
     with an Easky.

Standard Features
  • A unique, patented flip-top backrest
     (extremely comfortable and easy to use)
  • Fully adjustable footrest system.
  • Paddle park
  • Two spacious hatches
  • Bow deck elastics, full deck lines featuring updated RDFs
  • A stable and high performance hull design
  • Foam Bulkhead
     (saves weight and adds buoyancy)

Easky 15
Easky 15 Dimensions: 15' x 23.5"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 55-135 kgs (120-270 lbs)
Weight: 50 lbs
Easky 15 LV
Easky 15 LV Dimensions: 15' x 22.5"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 45-110 kgs (100-220 lbs)
Weight: 46 lbs

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Easky 17 by Venture

Youíve got a long way to go but it feels like a paddle in the park in the Easky 17. Whether youíre out from shore in open water, cutting through the swell to the other side of the bay or youíre at the start of a three day river journey on glassy-smooth water, youíll barely break a sweat.

›› Easky 17 reviews
›› Rutabaga staff review of the Easky 17

The long, sleek touring hull feels as effortless as a thoroughbred sea kayak but itís still as easy to paddle as a tourer. With this speed and efficiency, itís also a great load carrier: if you need to pack in enough equipment for a couple of nights in the wilderness, the long running length means your cargo will hardly even affect how it paddles.
Easky 17
Dimensions: 17' 7"x 23"
Weight: 58 lbs

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The Flex 11 by Venture Kayaks

Flex with paddler

The Flex kayak has the most stable hull Venture has ever designed; it is reliable, safe and super comfortable, but also offers performance and handling usually only seen in larger boats. It is spacious enough to help you find the perfect seating position and features a large cockpit for easy entry.

A capable light touring and recreational kayak, the Venture Flex 11 kayak is the perfect size for families looking to have fun on the water . The Venture Flex 11 is a high quality and feature rich recreational kayak that every member of the family will enjoy.

›› What Flex paddlers are saying

Flex kayak side view
Flex kayak top
“A very capable little kayak with a lot of attention to details. Could be the best recreational kayak on the market today!

“Really good on edge, good hull speed, turns well on edge, on the move and static. Handles like a smaller boat. Really easy to control, excellent tourer.”

“The newest Venture Kayak on the block, the Venture Flex 11 is definately a great boat that will introduce many people to kayaking for the first time. Ideal for both flat water paddling and day tours, it is a really stable base to learn and progress from.”

“A+ — Great, very stable boat.”

Standard Features
  • A unique, patented flip-top backrest with ratchet adjustment
      (extremely comfortable and easy to use)
  • Flip-Top backrest. Have it up or down for added comfort or
      performance, you choose and it only takes a second to flip.
  • Simple and solid twist lock footrests. Members of the family will
     quickly find the right fit for them.
  • Elasticated deck lines and a pod recess - that come in handy on every trip.
  • Choose either a skeg or a rudder. (Consult your dealer for further information)
  • Large rear hatch and storage area
Flex on water
   Length: 10' 8"
   Width: 25"
   Weight: 42lbs
   Fits Paddlers: 100 - 260lbs

Also, the Flex kayak is available with a few optional extras which allow you to customize your kayak for the type of paddling you intend to do.

Optional Extras
  • Venture Safety Kit
  • Venture Spray Deck
  • Venture Pod
  • Smart Track Rudder
  • Toe Pilot Footrests
  • Fishing Rod Holder

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