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Northern Light Sectional Greenland Paddles

NorthernLight logo Northern Light Sectional Carbon greenland style paddles have arrived at Sea Kayak Carolina, Charleston, SC: Assorted models are in our showroom and inventory.

Northern Lights take-apart paddleActually you are getting two paddles when you order the Greenland paddle: Along with the loom length you specify, included is a short loom insert which mates the two paddle blades together, converting your paddle to a Storm Paddle with a two-fisted loom (6.5 in/16.5 cm) loom. The paddle blades are made with a 3.25 inch length already molded in from the shoulder of the paddle blade which must be taken into account when ordering your loom size. Greenland paddle blades are 3.45 inches or 8.77 cm wide at the tip, with distinct but comfortable shoulders at the blade root. We're happy to discuss sizing with you prior to your purchase, call or email. 

Sea Kayak Carolina is pleased to offer this unique quality crafted sectional carbon greenland paddle. Northern Light Paddles have been used by such known Greenland champions and Coaches as Maliqiaq, Dubside, Helen Wilson, and Roger Shumann during the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival as pictured below. It has traveled into international waters as well by such accomplished paddlers as Simone Duarte and Mark Tozer to name a few others.

But we hate to name-drop. Come experience these paddles for yourself!

Maliqiaq in Tahe and using Northern Light paddle

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A Word from Northern Light Paddlesport

Northern Light paddles are strong, light, beautiful, and as affordable as we can make them. They work wonderfully well in the water. They break down to two 36-inch blades and the loom. You can pack them in a 36” rolling duffel bag and breeze through the airport. We are proud to make this opportunity available to paddlers world-wide. We hope you like our paddles for what they are. Great Greenland and Aleutian paddles that are transportable to anywhere in the world. Edging is available upon request for a nominal charge. Don't go it alone - take your paddle anywhere you travel. Call us or stop by the shop to order yours today. The sectional Greenland paddle is only $375. Add $25 if you would like edging added to the paddle.

Northern Light paddles

The Sectional Carbon Traditional Paddle

SOF with Northern Light paddle Serenity with Northern Light paddle Rolling with a Northern Light paddle Traditional paddles by Northern Light Balance brace with a Northern Light paddle Paddling around ice floes with Northern Light Convenience of the 3 piece carbon paddle Peace on a quiet river with a carbon paddle Excitement in the big water with a Northern Light paddle Tahe Marine and a carbon Northern Light paddle

Traditional Greenland Kayaking

Once upon a time, centuries ago, nature inspired people to create the kayaks, providing also the necessary materials and skills. The need for a kayak on a hunt by now has transformed into a need to be closer to nature and to oneself. Today, the kayak-makers are inspired by the individual, the person holding the paddle. Each paddler has his own ambitions and skills. Each journey is new and unique. For more detail, visit our greenlandic website.

Dubside in Tahe using northern light paddle

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