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Kayak Rolling Classes: Introduction to Execution

2 Evening Sessions– $100
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., TUESDAY & THURSDAY
Classes meet at the pool and start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

St. Andrews Family Fitness Plus!
1642 Sam Rittenbery Blvd (in West Ashley)
Charleston, SC 29407


Rolling and learning to roll is different for each and every paddler. An effective roll can be a fun (and potentially life-saving) skill to learn and practice! Kayak Roll Classe with Sea Kayak Carolina's crackerjack instructional team meets regularly at St. Andrews Family Fitness Center indoor pool in West Ashley. Check our schedule for upcoming classes. This is a two part class: First night Tuesday,
from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 pm. Second night Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 pm. Kayaks, skirts, paddles and gear provided.

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We’ll coach you each step of the way: From learning to put on your kayak skirt, through what may be your first "wet exit," to the bow rescue and an effective hip-snap, all the way to the set-up, sweep and your first roll. Our small classes with multiple instructors ensure that you'll receive the level of instruction you need to progress toward having a comfortable, dependable roll!

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Personal Roll Coaching Available:
Whatever your background – Greenland or Euro paddle, new or experienced - you may be looking for the coaching that only our experienced instructors can provide. Call to schedule: 843-352-2267

Sea Kayak Rolling Classes in Charleston

You can begin to understand rolling by watching some of the many, many rolling videos posted online — but nothing beats an in-boat, on-the-water experience with a dedicated instructor. And that's what our small, in-pool classes provide.

              rolling videos
Above: a sampling of videos from Derrick Mayoleth's Kayak Quixotica website.

Below: From the 2011 New Years Day MeetUp paddle on the Folly River, Don, Paul and Jeff practice their rolls in cool weather and cold waters!


Rolling FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be an experienced kayaker to learn how to roll?
— Nope! The progression of our roll class requires no previous paddling experience.

Do I need to have lots of upper body strength to learn to roll?
— Nope! In fact, students with lots of upper body strength can be a challenge for instructors... these students tend to try to "muscle it"... and it doesn't work that way. Big strong guys -- say "I'm a ballerina!" in your highest falsetto 1,000 times prior to coming to class!

Okay, I don't need strength, or experience. What do I need?
— Flexibility helps! We'd rather you be attending yoga class than bench-pressing. Flexibility of the mind helps as well... don't be too goal oriented, just listen to the instructors and progress one step at a time.

I don't like to be trapped in a long, skinny kayak, upside down, underwater, learning a new skill! Can I learn to roll?
— We approach our roll classes from your perspective. Most people don't like to learn a new skill upside-down, stuck in a long skinny kayak, with water rushing up their nose! We start with getting you comfortable with the wet exit, and work on some relaxation exercises before progressing. We have found the key is getting students comfortable.

No, you don't understand. I completely freak out just thinking about capsizing in a kayak, especially with a skirt on! How can there be any possibility of me learning to roll a kayak?
— Some folks are especially apprehensive. We have multiple instructors in the pool, and we can often accommodate especially apprehensive students one-on-one with especially patient and understanding instructors. Please call the shop if you still have concerns.

What to wear? What else to bring?
— A bathing suit.
— Some insulating layers. The pool is heated, but everyone that tries to go the hour and 45 minutes in just a bathing suit gets hypothermic such that they are uncomfortable and unable to progress. Neoprene shorts and a neoprene top (available at the shop for purchase) work great. A lightweight surfers wetsuit or shorty wetsuit works well, too.
— Water shoes / kayak shoes. (available for purchase at the shop.)
— Noseplugs or a dive mask can be helpful. (Noseplugs are available at the shop or for purchase at class.)

Can I bring my own kayak?
We normally equip folks with properly sized sea kayaks, skirts and paddles. If you would like to bring your own kayak, let us know when you register. If it is suitable for learning to roll, by all means bring it. If it is not a model of kayak that is easier to roll, we often have students work in one of our kayaks the first night and part of the second, and then transition the student into their own boat sometime the second evening.

Please call or visit Sea Kayak Carolina if you have any further questions about our roll class. You must call the shop at 843-352-2267 to pre-register for roll class.

And don't forget to check out Joe's cool video about learning to roll in the pool with Sea Kayak Carolina!

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