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The P&H Scorpio & Scorpio LV Sea Kayaks

PandH Scorpio

Quality build. Revolutionary design. A serious plastic boat.

People were talking about it for some time, and when it was released in 2008 it did not disappoint: The P&H Scorpio (and the low volume Scorpio LV) has been designed to provide a very efficient hull shape that is super stable and very easy to control. With a round chined, slightly V'd hull and generous bow rocker, the Scorpio performs like no other polyethylene boat out there!

               “P&H does a great job of paying attention to detail,
                and the outfitting in the boat is well thought out.”

Scroll down for links to real paddlers' first impressions and in-depth reviews —
     ›› Check out What People Are Saying About the Scorpio

Scorpio LV for Smaller Paddlers:
Four inches shorter (at 16' 7"), an inch narrower (at 21"), and with a full inch cut out of the deck height (just 12.6") the Scorpio LV is a nimble and responsive ride for the smaller paddler —
Don't miss the (10/20/08) comments posted on the Scorpio LV
     ›› Scorpio LV review at
     ›› Our own Sue Kershaw's impressions of the Scorpio LV

Made from P&H's proprietary Corelite foam core material to save weight, increase toughness and give great stiffness, the Scorpio is a design suits both the professional sea kayaker and the individual owner who is looking for a stable and fast kayak for more exposed conditions with greater all round durability that the composite version.

Scorpio LV in icy conditions

Any paddler will enjoy details like the 4th hatch conveniently placed between the knees and in front of the cockpit - a great spot for easy access to smaller items.

Length: 16'11''
Max. Width: 22'' (behind the cockpit)
Max Deck Height: 13.75'' (front coaming)
Volume: 80.5 gal.
Cockpit: 31''x16.5''Scorpio seat
Weight: 55lbs
Material: 3-ply Corelite
Skeg: spring released Foil P&H blade
Optimum Total Load (approx.): 145-275 lbs

Length: 16' 7''
Max. Width: 21'' (behind the cockpit)
Max Deck Height: 12.5” (front coaming)
Volume: 75 gal.
Cockpit: 30”x16.5”
Weight: 55lbs
Material: 3-ply Corelite
Skeg: spring released Foil P&H blade
Optimum Total Load (approx.): 110-245 lbs

Available from Sea Kayak Carolina now from $1,999.

Learn more —
     ›› visit the official P&H Scorpio page  or  Scorpio LV page

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What People Are Saying About the P & H Scorpio

P&H Scorpio Sea Kayak There has been a lot of excitement in the sea kayaking community about the introduction of the Scorpio. Follow the links below (links will open in a new window or tab) to read what those who have paddled the Scorpio have to say:

Mark Pecot at his H2Ohio Blog posted his impressions after a test paddle in July. He says "The boat was more playful than the Cetus [on which it is based], yet still has plenty of room for packing for trips, and enough volume to keep support paddler and gear without riding low and slow. Thus, it fits the bill as a good all-arounder."   ›› read his full Scorpio review

Marshall Seddon is the Founder/Owner of The River Connection in upstate New York. He is an American Canoe Association Open Water Instructor and Whitewater Instructor with Swiftwater Rescue training and ACA Adaptive Paddling Advanced Level Endorsement. He says "so far I find that the Scorpio fits into the top of the Sport Utility Kayak category allowing you to have speed, nimbleness, ruggedness and reliability in one very well thought out and put together package."
›› Read his comprehensive Scorpio review at

Seth Dent maintains his PinkandGeek blog where he details his experiences living and paddling in Florida. The Scorpio is one of several boats he looks at as he prepares to paddle the entire length of the St. Johns river. He finds that "the Scorpio manages to remain manageable and even playful when edged." And he posts some nice photos too.
›› Read his first notes on paddling the Scorpio at Roses Bluff
›› Seth has also posted this more complete P&H Scorpio review

P&H Paddler, ACA Open Water Instructor and the Midwest Coaching officer for the BCU, Kelly Blades maintains his Sea of Heartbreak blog where he posts his impressions of the Scorpio. He admits his P&H bias, and sets out to answer "is it worthy of the hype? Does it deliver? Will it have an impact on sea kayaking in a meaningful and lasting way?
›› Read it all here: Code Name: Scorpio
›› Other P&H stories and such from the P&H Paddlers' Blog

And if you like photos, we were tipped off to where West Howland is shown several times in this album surfing a green Scorpio. (Page thru the album to find them all.)
›› Look here for Scorpio surf photos