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On the Water — Garris Landing to Bull Island

This trip leaves from Garris Landing (formerly known as Moores Landing) is about 4.5 nautical miles (5.2 statute miles). A large group will paddle no faster than 3 knots. Plan on paddling about 1.5 hours to arrive at the southwest end of Bull Island. As we leave the landing, head straight out to round daymarker "74". Avoid the temptation to cut to the right - shallows and oyster beds will get you stuck and scrape your hull.

Garris Landing to Bull Island map
As we enter the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) we will head southwest for about 2.5 nautical miles. We'll keep to on side or the other, depending on the wind, out of the channel but avoiding the shallows. My strategy is often to head from daymarker to daymarker (green to green or red to red, depending on which side of the channel) - just outside the channel. We need to travel outside of the channel in the ICW - recreational and commercial boat traffic can be heavy.

About 400 yards after daymarker "84" we will turn left (southeast) into Prices Creek. (If you see lighted daymarker "86" you have missed your turn into Prices Creek!) There are no aids to navigation in Prices Creek. Deep water from bank to bank. However, it is prudent to keep to one bank or the other to help avoid boat traffic.

I usually like to land south of the high tension tower on Bull Island. Exactly where is dependant on the wind direction. I like to take advantage of the shelter of a dune if I can for a windbreak. This allows for the option of beachcombing on the front beach, or a nature walk on the Turkey Walk Trail. The trailhead is about 50 yards south of the high tension tower. I've seen bobcats, maritime fox squirrels, alligators and lots of snakes and lizards along the trail. Tons of birds. However, the trail can be buggy! Sometimes the bugs are too bad on the trail, meaning that beachcombing on the front beach is the best option. That’s ok – there is some of the best shelling in South Carolina along this beach. And the Boneyard Beach is a must-see.

›› I've created a Google Map with peritnent points for this trip.

›› View a slideshow of a March 2007 kayak adventure to Bull Island

Please stop by Sea Kayak Carolina. We can help get you properly equipped for your Bull Island adventure, or hang out and talk kayaking with you. The shop is open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. every day. Hope to see you on the water!

            — Scott

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Bull's Island Paddle, 2007