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Yakima Kayak Racks, Saddles & Accessories

Yakima Kayaks logoWe are a fully trained and stocked Yakima Dealer!

You have your car. You have your boat. Surely there's some way to get these two working together? Enter Yakima: With mounts and bars for almost every make and model of car, and racks and saddle options to suit your kayak and your preferences, we'll get you set-up in no time.

Yakima has an array of mounting systems including versatile "universal mounts" and model specific clips for those hard-to-fit vehicles. A safe, secure way to carry your boat is an essential part of the equation - let us help you get the right racks for you, your car and your boat!
Yakima Rack Schematic
And if all that heavy lifting seems like a problem, don't miss the Yakima RACKandROLL trailer option!

Yakima RACKandROLL Sport Trailer

This is the perfect trailer for all your kayak carrying needs.
KD65 Trailer

KD65 Trailer from

RACKandROLL High Performance Sports Trailers take style and performance to a whole new level.
They are literally in a class by themselves. The all aluminum, high-performance design is capable of handling all your gear. The sleek profile gives you the option of taking your favorite car on your getaway, even the car you would, "never put a roof rack on", let alone put a “utility trailer” behind. RACKandROLL Trailers are lightweight, luxury trailers that give you the luxury of choice.

KD65 Trailer has
              great capacity
KD65 Trailer has
              great capacity
F E A T U R E S - - -
Custom Capacity & Versatility
Available in 66 and 78-inch wide models, and able to carry boats flat or on edge — as well as bicycle, luggage and other rack options.

Versatile. Adjustable. Built to last and accept a wide range of Yakima rack and accessory options.

Locking levers with keys prevent theft of wheels and tongue.

Adjustable, dual-spring, progressive-rate, motorcycle-style shock absorbers provide four inches of wheel travel, cushioning your gear.

Turns your lightweight trailer into a hand cart.

The standard tongue typically allows proper clearance for a single 17 ft. boat or two 16 ft. boats. The tongue extension kit (included from Sea Kayak Carolina) makes the standard tongue longer and will allow you to carry up to a single 22 ft. boat or two 21 ft. boats, depending on the vehicle hitch and boat positions.

Available now from $2,328

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